Grant’s Pass, here we are
May 19th, 2007 by blogger

What a whirlwind of a week! In the past few days, I have quit my job, packed my belongings, and ended up at a bed and breakfast in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, where I write now. It’s a strange feeling, no longer being a resident of Seattle. I lived there for almost three years, made several good friends, and now to pack up and leave for a strange and new city - it’s so much at once.

The idea behind this move is exactly this though. If Nicole and I can make it through this in one piece, then I figure we will be less afraid of change in the future. I’m trying to just conquer it. Leaving Amazon, I felt a huge piece of my identity slip away. Since college, that has been who I am - a developer at Amazon. I had power to look at and change orders, and I had knowledge about how the insides work. Now that knowledge will grow stale, and my access passwords are gone, and I am just another one of the millions of customers. I met plenty of great people there, who I will definitely keep in touch with, but it’s still a big missing piece. However, I don’t want to be identified only by my work, and I feel that the longer I stay at one place, the more likely that is. I am more than just a software developer at Amazon. I’m more than just a software developer, although that part isn’t changing. I’m trying out a smaller company, a newer company, with a different philosophy, in a new region, with new people. So much change, but it’s all for the best, I think. Facebook will be a great place to work, I can feel it. I start there in just two days, and I am excited.

Nicole and I are taking this cathartic trip down the coast to clear our heads and more formalize the move. It’s a long drive! We slugged through Washington and most of Oregon last night, and today we head down the California coast, bound for Fort Bragg. Tomorrow we’ll finish up into the city. Then Nicole flies back to Seattle, leaving me alone in San Fran. Andy is kind enough to take me in, make me his roommate for a few months. I am so excited to dig into Facebook, meet the people, learn the software and business, and create new features and fix bugs. I feel like I’m part of something really special down there.

The past few weeks have been kind of meandering. Without an anchor at Amazon, I’ve been drifting into work, spending my time training and mentoring others and trying to pass on some knowledge before I check out. I have full confidence in the team I’ve left - Jacob, Cary, Alex, Vikas, and Ed are going to do some great things with the software, as long as they have Mike to guide them. Nicole and I are moving in two phases. This past week, we moved a lot of the “unnecessaries” - things we can live without for a few months. Then we’re going to get married at the end of June, honeymoon in Costa Rica, and then back to Seattle for some intense packing and a final move. Lots of whirlwind of activity in such a short time, it’s going to be great :).

Well, back to the road trip. Here we are, driving along what some say is the most beautiful stretch of road in the country. Hopefully we’re not too tired to take it all in.

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