Is that a delocalized electron in a benzine ring?
Apr 2nd, 2007 by blogger

I visited Clark University today. No, I’m not looking to transfer - I was there with my brother, Scott, and my dad. He’s on his junior year college tour, and I decided last minute to tag along. At Clark, we had a tour guide who had no clue about the school. Here is a sampling of Scott’s questions and answers:

[She describes the UC].
Scott: What does the “UC” stand for?
TG: Umm … uh … University? … uh …
Scott: Maybe University Center?
TG: Oh yeah!

Q. How is the sports teams? What are their ratings?
A. Ummmm. .. I don’t do sports, maybe you can find out online?

Q. Does the BioSci building do only bio sci?
A. I don’t even know what they do here!

Q. How many courses are required for graduation?
A. Math? Counting? Huh? I’m afraid of math.

Anyway, he didn’t even bother asking about Physics. Instead he just went into the Physics building and found a professor, and chatted with him. The prof found out that Scott knew what he was talking about, and they dug into the research papers from the past several years. “1-4-di-nitro-penzine? Oh my god that’s so cool!”

Tomorrow, he’s going to more Clark classes, then off to Amherst. Should be good.

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