Lazing about
Dec 3rd, 2006 by blogger

Nicole and I mostly lazed about this weekend. Friday night, she was *very* sick, but by tonight, she’s gotten quite a bit better. She’s been drinking Thera-flu and lots and lots of tea. Yesterday we were both in the house most of the day, but today we got up and went out to a coffee shop for a few hours. I brought my second love with me, AKA my new Macbook Pro. We hung out for a little while. Nicole still felt pretty sick, so we came home and skipped the first Sunday of Advent. ¿Què làstima, no?

I’ve been playing a lot of guitar, and trying my best to learn some fun songs. I can tell I’m getting better, which makes me feel all accomplished. I’m sure my neighbors are sick of me by now, but whatever.

Life is okay as we go into the holiday season. Nicole and I both feel like we’re missing out on some of the holiday charm. We have put up a tree and some lights, and we have some eggnog in the fridge, so some of it’s nice … but really the holidays are all about family, and we are in short supply on that front. I think a visit home will fix that up, and I’m still basking in the Thanksgiving dose I had last week.

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