ABC : Apples, Beer, and Costumes!
Oct 29th, 2006 by blogger

Hey! Apples and Beer!

Here’s a fun fact: more than half the apples eaten in the United States come from Washington state. With that little tidbit to motivate us, Nicole and I decided it was about time for us to go see some of these apples up close and personal. So last weekend, we rented a car and headed for the hills just outside Seattle for some apple picking fun.

5895 We found a place that sold apples, squashes, cider, popcorn, and they even had a maize maze (whew, i love that pun). We didn’t do the maize maze because (a) it looked pretty lame and (b) cost $10 or something. But the apples went over great. I was able to pick some of the good ones from up high that nobody else could reach. We also ate a few while picking, and by the looks of the cores on the ground, we weren’t the only ones. But of course, now we have a “problem” : we have a ton of apples in our kitchen, and I don’t know how to cook them! So far I’ve made a lot of fresh apple cinnamon oatmeal, which is really good, and I think sometime soon I’ll have to do apple crisp.

5862 Last night we went out for Halloween. Given the amount of time we’ve spent watching Buffy lately, it only made sense to dress as vampires. Nicole was a little hesitant at first, but she did get dressed up and we had more fun because of it. While I don’t think anyone would confuse us with the real thing, I think we did a reasonable job of approximating Spike and Druscilla. On the plus side, there was one person who actually did guess my costume (after being told that it was from Buffy). The night saw a good mix of people, mostly from work. The fangs only lasted for part of the night, and it became apparent that I might not have pulled off the vamp look that well when some drunk guy yelled “Charlie Chaplin!” on my way out of the bar. But a good Halloween night.

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