My birthday!
Aug 19th, 2005 by blogger

My 23rd birthday was a huge success! First, Nicole brought me cookies at work yesterday. They were really delicious! She and the support guys sang Happy Birthday so the whole office could hear, and then we all partook of her delicious delights. Mmmmm…. she even brought me candles that I could blow out! She’s pretty awesome. Then, after work, Chad Jason Ross Liam and Val and Nicole and I all went out for drinks. I don’t usually get to hang out with some of those guys, so it was a good treat — and we went to the Creperie afterwards. Nicole and I wrapped up the night with a viewing of the Incredibles … it was fitting for an incredible day.

Then today, Dave Ignacio interviewed at Amazon and got a job in my space. It’s very exciting — I love when folks from home come out and get jobs, and he’s the second one so far! Congrats Dave! Tonight we are going to go for a nice romantic dinner, then hang out with Dave and watch Indiana Jones at midnight. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Tomorrow Leah has a barbeque at her house that promises to be delicious. Dave will be coming, to fit right in and meet his new teammates. It’s a very exciting weekend.

Developing software
Aug 10th, 2005 by blogger

Developing software is an interesting feat. It is quite different from supporting software, although I like that too. When you support software, the way it works is that there is a steady stream of bugs and problems that arise. You fix them, or you pass them on to someone else to fix them. It’s pretty simple, and fairly easy to tell how you are doing. With development, not as much.

At my company, developers are judged by the Big Deliverables. So a few times a year, each team will release new software. The software might have bugs in it; that’s okay. If there are bugs, it just means more pager time for the developers, but if there are no bugs, that’s too expensive and the project will never get released. So all projects have bugs. That’s true at other companies too, from what I gather. And then we put them out there and see how they work. Because the software isn’t shrink-wrapped, it’s possible to change it at any time, to tweak and fix stuff. It’s a lot of fun, but also a little silly. I like it.

Anyway, that’s my commentary on my job. I like the new position.

Nicole’s job search begins
Aug 7th, 2005 by blogger

Nicole has been here for less than a week, but it’s obvious to me that she is going to enjoy it. She spent her time mailing out applications to various schools this week. Next week she’ll start cold-calling likely prospects and visting nearby schools, and hopefully getting calls from places that want to hire her! She has such amazing letters of recommendation from the people she worked with in Chicago. She worked her ass off for two years and if she definitely deserves a job. It is frustrating because I know that she will be an excellent teacher, but the problem is matching her skills with a school that can benefit. In that respect, her contact Courtney will be a big help. Courtney came from Chicago to Seattle a few years ago and she has been working with the public schools here, so she has a lot of insider knowledge that has been very useful.

We have spent the week enjoying our new time in Seattle. Nicole has spent her days applying and relaxing while I’ve been relishing in my new job. I am working on a new project, and I really enjoy the work I’m doing and the people I’m working with. I’m also trying to get the Alaska photos up. I’ll post them soon!

We have been going out to dinner a lot, and watching movies. Last night we played volleyball and frisbee and then had a barbeque. Today we had lunch with Aquinas in Queen Anne, and tonight we are going to see a midnight showing of The Big Lebowski. Tomorrow Ross is having a barbeque in West Seattle. I’m learning a lot more about Seattle having seen it from Nicole’s eyes, and she is really soaking up this new city. She seems to belong here — it’s really working out great!

Nicole arrives!
Aug 2nd, 2005 by blogger

Nicole has arrived in Seattle! Yesterday we flew from Chicago on a 7am flight out of Midway. We each took two suitcases full of stuff. My mom has graciously offered to ship a few more boxes to help out. It’s a very exciting new chapter, and I can’t wait to see how it goes. We’re having a block party tonight, and it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.


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